Soviet-Crossfit, the Dan John Special

I stole this little workout from Dan John who in turn stole it from Sergey Litvinov, the Soviet Hammer Thrower from the 1980’s.  Sergey had some of the most impressive thighs I’ve ever seen.  He made most Bodybuilders look like marathon runners.

I particularly like it because of it’s simplicity, and it’s brutality.  There is a Crossfit-esque quality to the workout, hence my title.

Like to hear it?  Here it go:

Front Squat:  8 reps

Sprint:  400 meters.

Rest for a few minutes, then do it 2 more times!   Prepare for a lot of pain the next morning.

By the way, Litvinov used 405 lbs for the 8 rep front squat.  He only weighed 198.


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