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Below is the start of a non-comprehensive list of exercises that I am particularly fond of and links to videos on their proper performance. I will link to videos on the Crossfit website, Ross Enamait’s site (, Mikes Gym, Gym Jones, and others (lots of Youtube). I will generally try and link to those with whom I share a certain sensibility.

Some of these exercises (front squats, push ups, Tabata protocols, etc) are absolutely fundamental. Others are not so much. But, all of them are ones that I believe strongly in. (what I don’t believe strongly in is the music in most of these … hasn’t anyone ever heard of Miles Davis?)

Front Squats:

Front Squats, from Crossfit

Dabaya does Front Squats!, youtube

Snatch and variations: For more see my page on the snatch.

Hang Power Snatch, narrated by Coach Mike Burgener.

Full Snatch, crossfit

Dumbbell Snatch, crossfit

Split Snatch, this is ME, the recovery is a bit wobbly and I throw it WAY forward, but the depth is there.

Clean and Jerk, and it’s variations, see my page on the Clean

Power clean, with Coach Mike B.

Training the Clean, with Coach B. I’m acually in this one. I’m the long haired guy he berates for not being aggressive. He was right, as usual.

Full Clean and Jerk, with Coach B, and his Daughter Sage.

Clean and Power Jerk, Youtube

Clean and Power Jerk, Dimas!

Circuits and Crossfit style WOD: These are integral to all of the Conditioning work that we do here. The concept revolves around the idea of taking a number of different exercises and stringing them together in a round or circuit. Often you time it to see how fast you can get through it.

Work Capacity 101 by Ross Enamait, Article here

WOD, from summer6301981

Josh WOD, Crossfit
Louder than 11, Gym Jones

Tag Team, Gym Jones

Burpees!, crossfit

Old Town Crossfit, Youtube

300 Workout, at Crossfit Central. Yep.

Tabata Protocols: Tabata Protocols are essentially intervals of an extremely short duration. You do 20 sec’s on, 10 sec’s off. And generally you do them with an exercise rather than on a cardio machine. During the 20 sec’s on, you do as many reps of the exercise as you can, then rest for 10 sec’s, then repeat.

Tabata Push ups on Crossfit

Tabata Squats (no weight) on Crossfit, OK I admit this one looks a bit silly.

Tabata Fight Gone Bad (crazy circuit), Crossfit

Tabata Sledge Hammer, by Ross Enamait

Squats, their form, and assistance work by Johnny Mnemonic. There really is a great wealth of Information here. And I suggest spending the time to look them over.

Squat Rx #1: Lower Back Rounding at the Bottom of the Squat

Squat Rx #2: GMing Out of the Hole

Squat Rx #3: Engaging the Glutes and Hamstrings (Part I)

Squat Rx #3: Engaging the Glutes and Hamstrings (Part II)

Squat Rx #4: Bar Positioning and Squat Depth

Squat Rx #5: Hip & Hamstring Mobility and Flexibility

Squat Rx #6: A Dozen Selected Exercises for Squatters (Part I)

Squat Rx #6: A Dozen Selected Exercises for Squatters (Part II)

Squat Rx #7: Bands and Chains

“Core” Training and “Cardio”:

One Piece, by Gym Jones

Med ball punch, Ross Enamait

Jump Rope Training, Ross Enamait

Body Weight Training

Clap Push ups, Ross Enamait

Olympic Weightlifting Workouts and Competitions

Dimas in the Training Hall, Youtube

Athens, Dimas

Serious Intensity

Hardcore, Ross Enamait

The “Girls Names” from CrossFit’s WOD

* 100 Pull-ups
* 100 Push-ups
* 100 Sit-ups
* 100 Squats

For Time
* 20 Pull-ups
* 30 Push-ups
* 40 Sit-ups
* 50 Squats

5 rounds for time
* 5 Pull-ups
* 10 Push-ups
* 15 Squats

Each min on the min for 30 min
* Deadlift 225 lbs
* Handstand push-ups

21-15-9 reps, for time
* Clean 135 lbs
* Ring Dips

21-15-9 reps, for time
* Thruster 95 lbs
* Pull-ups

21-15-9 reps, for time
* Clean and Jerk 135 lbs

30 reps for time
* 400 meter run
* 1.5 pood Kettlebell swing x 21
* Pull-ups 12 reps

3 rounds for time
* Snatch 135 pounds

30 reps for time
* 1000 meter row
* Thruster 45 lbs (50 reps)
* Pull-ups (30 reps)

For time
* Wall-ball 150 shots

For time
(aka “3 bars of death”)
* Deadlift 1 1/2 BW
* Bench BW
* Clean 3/4 BW

10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 rep
rounds for time
* 5 Handstand push-ups
* 10 1-legged squats
* 15 Pull-ups

As many rounds as possible in 20 min
* 400 meter run
* Overhead squat 95 lbs x 15

5 rounds for time
The “other” Girls

* Bodyweight bench press (e.g., same amount on bar as you weigh)
* pullups

5 rounds for max reps

* Run 400 meters
* 30 box jump, 24 inch box
* 30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

Five rounds for time


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