The Iron Samurai Blog

The Iron Samurai is all about the science and practice of Olympic Weightlifting, strength and conditioning, as well as insights on how to integrate mental training into your routines to make you a more powerful and successful athlete.

This blog will increasingly incorporate more exercise science information and discussion about what is happening in the world of research and how that applies to you.

Coach Horton spent a number of years practicing Zen Buddhism, which may seem incongruous for a strength coach and competitive weightlifter. He feels strongly that a powerful connection between the mind and the body is one of the key factors in an athletes success.

About the Coach

Nicholas “Saij” Horton is a Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach and a Crossfit Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach. He is dedicated to providing his clients with cutting edge Sports Performance and Elite Fitness Training.

He is the Founder and Head Coach of PDX Weightlifting, a competitive Olympic Weightlifting Club.

He is currently a graduate student studying Mathematics and Mathematical Biology.  He is also a competitive Olympic Weightlifter, and has just taken the plunge into Highland Games contests:

Rockin' a Kilt helps with the Overhead Press!

Rockin' a Kilt helps with the Overhead Press!

For more information about Personal Coaching in the SE Portland area, email Nicholas at Coach@pdxweightlifting.com


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