“Nick has been my trainer for several years, but within the last few months he has been teaching me the Olympic lifts. As a result of his guidance and support my balance, strength and coordination have all improved and I have made huge gains in my deadlift going from a 150 lb. deadlift to 170 lb. in just two weeks! Nick updates and changes my routine often to keep it fresh and challenges me every step of the way. Knowing that he will be at the gym to help me through my workout keeps me motivated and helps me be more consistent with my training. He is very aware of individuals’ needs and focuses on proper form and technique to prevent injury. His energy is contagious and you can’t help but work your butt off each and every workout. Nick is a wealth of knowledge and will do all he can to help you reach your goals.”

Brandy Chance, student, 26

“Nick Horton is a miracle worker. With his extensive knowledge of the kinetics of the human body, he has managed to increase my muscle mass and strength in mere months. For the first time in my life, exercising seems to be having a real effect. Nick is adept at crafting an evolving workout regimen that takes your goals and your body chemistry into account. I recommend him without reservation, and if you doubt me, I’ll arm wrestle you!”

Steve Libbey, Author of The Bloodbaths and Co-Author of The Secret World Chronicle with Mercedes Lackey, www.stevelibbey.com



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