Portland Highland Games and the Price of Kilts.

Credit:  Portland Highland Games Association

Credit: Portland Highland Games Association

A couple of the guys on my Weightlifting Club and I are planning on competing this coming Saturday in the Portland Highland Games.  Should be  a rockin’ good time.  We’re all Newbies, so I’m planning on looking ridiculous … but what else is new?!  I have a new sport kilt to replace my old wool one (who wants to workout in wool?).  Should be great.

Highland Games is a rockin’ sport, but it certainly favors the big guys (like the dude in the picture).  None of us are that.  But, as Olympic Weightlifters we ARE explosive, strong, and athletic.  That should help.

By the way, with regard to my old wool kilt, I learned the reason why kilts cost as much as they do (often over $400) and I don’t see it as strange any longer.  I sewed my old kilt myself by hand.  It took a VERY long time.  Getting all the pleating right is no small task.  You wouldn’t think that sewing a “skirt” out of 12 yards of wool would be that big a deal, but it is!

My new kilt is a sport kilt, not wool but rayon (or some other fake fabric), and it isn’t as fancy nor is it hand made.  So it wasn’t too expensive (about $75).  I’ll keep my old one for “dressy” occasions, and use the new one for competing.

Buchanan Tartan

Buchanan Tartan


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