Vegan Bodybuilding Meet Vegan Arm Wrestling

It’s a vegan revolution in the world of iron.   My friend Robert Cheeke, of Vegan Bodybuilding, has been pushing the boundaries of what people thought possible for a while now all while living a Vegan lifestyle.  He’s really started a movement.

I just got an email from Rob Bigwood (his blog is here), a New York based Professional Arm Wrestler, who is also vegan, about some tournaments coming up.

Here’s a vid of him in competition.   No joke, he takes the first guy out in less than a second!

Sweet!  Arm Wrestling rocks.

[Full disclosure:  I’m not a vegan.  But, I live in Portland, the vegan capital of the world, and I train many people who are.  It’s very possible to meet your goals while sticking to your principles.   Don’t let something as silly as a lack of meat eating keep you from reaching your potential.  These guys are doing it.  So can you!]


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