Fat Loss Acceleration

Alwin Cosgrove lays out a workout designed to kick start your metabolism.

1A: TRX suspended lunge (with hop and knee drive)
1B: TRX Suspended Incline Press

2A: TRX single leg squat (each leg)
2B: TRX Atomic Push up

3A: TRX Sprinters Start
3B: TRX Single Leg Chest press

4A: TRX Hamstring Curls
4B: TRX Inverted Row

5A: TRX Hip Press
5B: TRX Power pull

6A: TRX Hamstring Bicycle
6B: TRX Swimmers Pull

I used a 2 x 45s on, 45s off interval split for this workout and finished with TRX curls, tricep pressdowns, side planks, pendulums and suspended crunches for one set of each.
Give it a try.

Looks very intense!  If you try it, post your experience in the comments section.


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