Stomach Reduction Surgery: A New Diabetes Cure?

Not really.  A new study showed that patients who got stomach reduction surgery were 5 times more likely to see their diabetes go away after 2 years than those who went through traditional approaches.

Yep, no longer being fat drastically reduces your diabetes.  That doesn’t mean that you have to have surgery to lose the fat!  Surgery isn’t a quick fix, it’s a serious procedure that can come with a whole host of complications.  Get real!

Here’s a secret, a really secret secret, to losing the same amount of weight … wait for it … wait … eat less, move more.  Wow.  A miracle cure.

Until America comes to grips with it’s fat problem, diabetes will only continue to rise, along with heart disease and other preventable illnesses.  You don’t need a doctor to prevent much of these, you just need take control of your life.  It’s your life, and only you can take charge of it.


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