Christian Fat Loss Plan: Pray More, Eat More!

How would you feel if I told you that you could eat anything you want, and still lose weight … so long as you prayed?  I’m not joking.  I’ve now heard everything

In August 2002, the couple was married and they soon made a decision that would forever change their lives.
Before getting married, a friend introduced Maggie to The Weigh Down Workshop, a faith-based weight loss program, which teaches people to conquer their addiction to food, as well as other substances and vices, by turning to God.

Maggie says she was never consistent or committed enough to stick with the program. But shortly after their wedding, the couple started packing on the pounds and while Andy tried another diet, Maggie gave Weigh Down another try.

“At the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003, I called Weigh Down and started taking the classes,” says Maggie. “My whole life, I had always wanted somebody to [lose weight] with me. But I knew if I wanted it bad enough, I would have to do it alone.”

She began to lose weight.

“I ate whatever I craved, but only when I was truly hungry and then I ate a lot more slowly, so I could tell when to stop,” Maggie says.

In February 2003, after seeing his wife’s results, Andy stopped counting calories, gave up the low-fat foods and reduced his portion sizes. Fifteen months later, he had lost 257 pounds.

“Once I started this program, it changed my outlook on my entire life. I realized that being happy is a choice. I can either be filled with hate and despair or I can be happy,” says Andy, who realized he no longer needed the anti-depressants.

Don’t get me wrong, the placebo effect is AMAZING, and I’m all for it.  So, if this works for them, great!  In fact, I don’t care if you worship a teddy bear, so long as it causes you to do what you actually have to do:

 “I ate whatever I craved, but only when I was truly hungry and then I ate a lot more slowly, so I could tell when to stop,” Maggie says.

That line is crucial.  “I ONLY ate when i was TRULY hungry … so I could tell when to STOP …”

In other words … she was dieting.  She just didn’t know it.  It wasn’t a massive, kill you kind of diet.  But, it was a diet.  The prayer enabled her to focus on something else, beyond herself, and beyond her own out-of-control appetite.  It’s about behavioral modification.

The mind is a powerful tool.  And it is the NUMBER 1 key to your success in any endeavor in life.  Fat loss, and physique transformation are no different.  So … get to praying, or meditating, or anything else that suits your cultural comfort levels.  Because, honestly, it does work.


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  1. Oh man christian crazies are always worth a laugh


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