Michael Moore, “Sicko”, and the Health of the Nation

Michael Moore’s got a new movie lambasting the American Health Care system, and singing the praises of Cuba’s. I am not sure that we can model our system on Cuba’s, but we certainly do have a problem here.

I’ve been a fan of Michael Moore’s movies ever since he did “Canadian Bacon” with Alan Alda. They are funny, and unwavering. But, we all know how prone he is to propaganda. Truth isn’t the point, it’s entertainment disguised as journalism. And though, like Hunter S. Thompson, his work often does contain a lot of truth, you are never sure where to find it.

I have yet to see the film, and when I do I’ll post on it. But, I find the idea of someone who is so famously unhealthy (by choice) making a moving about the health care system to be more than a little ironic.

Our biggest problems, as I see it, are an inability for a wide group of Americans to afford health insurance on the one hand, and a total lack of personal responsibility taken by the public in preventative health care (AKA, working out and eating healthy food) on the other. An individual can only do so much about the first problem, and maybe Michael Moore is attempting to do his part with this film. But, the second one is well within the control of each individual.

Daily vigorous activity alone would radically change our nation for the better if we all just did it.


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