Blogging Hiatus, and Getting Back To It

Well, I’ve just spend an unexpected week or so away from the blogosphere. Life got hectic, as it often can, and I ended up neglecting my daily posting duties to focus instead on my clients, the end of the term at school, and my fiance who just lost her uncle. It happens, but it brought to mind a certain reality for me. I had been posting “workouts of the day” and had made a commitment to doing that as a way of giving people some incentive to hit the gym and provide some framework for those who can’t afford a fitness coach.

But, rigidly sticking to a daily posting schedule is just not something I can do, as I am not a professional blogger and am loaded with a number of commitments (though I must admit to being addicted to the act of blogging). That said, I don’t want to leave people hanging who felt like the workouts a day were helpful. Instead I will periodically post a whole routine that one can follow for an extended period of time to achieve a certain goal.

And of course, I will blog on all the other topics I have always blogged on. Thank you for reading, and I hope it helps.


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