Bodybuilders Abuse Synthol: Is Anyone Surprised?

Bodybuilders are a notoriously drugged up group of people. (It’s one of the reasons I prefer strength sports like Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and of course Sumo!). But, their (relatively) new obsession with synthol is just ridiculous.

The act of building ones body is such a healthy endeavor. And it saddens me greatly that the modern sport of bodybuilding has degenerated to such base levels. They do real disservice the general fitness community, and the sports community at large.

If you wanna talk great bodybuilders, I prefer these guys:

John Grimek

Reg Park

Tommy Kono (who was also one of, if not the greatest Olympic Weightlifters of all time)

and Bill Pearl

They weren’t all completely natural (though Kono was). some of the old timers used some steriods. But the doses they used were miniscule. And, most importantly, they were still within the bounds of what it means to be human. They all lived healthy lives, and a few of them are still going strong. Grimek was still doing heavy squats in his 70’s.
The bottom line is longevity. Todays bodybuilders are seriously compromising their health. And in the next decade or so, we may be seeing the fallout.


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  1. […] this sometimes leads guys to inject themselves with synthol, a posing oil. Can’t they see how ridiculous they look? Muscles are not that […]


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