Update on 2007 Summer Grand Sumo Tournament

Update on the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament:

Asashoryu, aiming for his 21st Emperor’s Cup and first title in two basho, never gave Homasho a chance to get rolling in the day’s final at Ryogoku Kokugikan. The Mongolian yokozuna rammed the winless No. 1 maegashira with his left shoulder and used his hand to mash his opponent in the face and abruptly out of the ring.

Bulgarian Kotooshu (2-0) also had to dodge a bullet when he went tumbling to the dohyo surface at the hands of newly promoted komusubi Toyonoshima (0-2). The pair fell at nearly the same time, but Toyonoshima’s hand touched the dirt before the ozeki landed.

Notice in the picture above how Kotooshu looks like he’s getting flipped by his opponent.  He got lucky alright.


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  1. […] That last point is one of the explanations as to why the Japanese have been so crappy at Sumo in the last number of years–They’re too rich!  And why Sumo players from poorer countries are dominating. […]


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