Depressed Teens at Risk from Anti-Depressants: A Better Solution

Parents of Teens who have tendencies toward depression should think twice before putting their children on antidepressants. It may make things worse.

Warnings on antidepressant drugs should be expanded to say the risks of suicidal thoughts and behavior extend to adults ages 18 to 24, U.S. health officials said on Wednesday.

I come from a family where depression runs rampant. I have suffered from it myself. And when it hits it is amazingly severe. But, I can say from experience that the main factors that have helped me and those I know who have gotten a handle on their depression boil down to diet and exercise.

There are certainly cases where their is little hope but to medicate someone who is suffering intensely. But, (though I am certainly not a doctor and can’t proscribe the correct course of action for someone to take) I strongly believe that MOST (though, not all) people can take back a large portion of control in their lives by simply making these few changes:

Daily exercise: At least 4 days a week, engage in STRENUOUS exercise. That would include interval training, weightlifting, cardio kickboxing, etc. It has to be very tough, that’s the key. Of course, always take at least one day off a week.

Balanced and Consistent Diet: We all go through periods where our diets are balanced, but it’s the consistency that makes the difference. Include LOTS of fruits, veggies, and protein. Keep carbs relatively low, especially any carbs that are white (white bread, sugar, etc). High glycemic carbs are HORRIBLE for your depression levels. Sugar is the devil.

As for supplementation, I suggest at least 6 grams of fish oil a day, 3 grams of vitamin C, 200 IU of Vitamin E, and 50mg of B every day. The Fish Oil is particularly important for those suffering from depression.

Never forget much of the research on the topic has shown that Depression is largely a hormonal problem. Exercise and Diet have enormous effects on the bodies hormone levels (for the better), and to neglect these natural forms of “self medication” is down right idiocy.

It seems so simple (maybe too simple), but it is amazing how effective a consistent diet and exercise routine can be at curbing the worst excesses of depression. I know that it has worked for me and those who have followed my advice. It isn’t a cure, but it is a remarkable difference.


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