Abs, The Chinese Way

The Chinese Weightlifters are among the best in the world.  One of the reasons for that is that they never neglect abdominal training.  They believe the abs are like a second backbone.  I fully agree.

Among my favorite exercises for the abs are Leg lifts (as pictured above), the Ab Wheel, and a related exercise that I call “Jackie Chan Push ups” (because I saw him doing them in a documentary once).

A Jackie Chan Push up is basically a push up, except that you place your hands very close together, and then move them away from your feet, past your head.  This means that your body now is in a position not unlike a diving position.  Then, you do push ups.  Obviously the range of motion is less, but its brutal on the abs.

Pay close attention to ab training and you will be far less prone to back injury, and you will be a heck of a lot stronger.


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