David vs. Goliath: Loprinzi’s Gym takes on Golds

Loprinzi’s Gym (the Gym I Train at) is faced with quite the challenge. A Golds gym is set to open up just a few blocks away, and the fate of this little neighborhood spot may not be so fantastic.

Here’s an article about the conflict in the Oregonian

And a Video about the gym, from OregonLive.com

The outlook may not be so dire. But, it is indicative of the kind of corporate take over of small businesses that has been the story of the previous 50 years or more. We are a large corporate nation, where Starbucks is ubiquitous, and McDonald’s even more so.

I don’t have a problem, per se, with Golds Gym being there. My gut instinct is that Loprinzi’s will likely survive. But, it’s the Golds mentality of Sales over Substance that I object to. I don’t want to see my neighbors going there and not seeing the results they want, because the gym they belong to sees them not as people, but as walking wallets.

There are fewer and fewer good places to train anymore. And that’s sad to a nostalgic guy like me, who can’t imagine training anywhere where they don’t allow chalk, and dropping weights is forbidden.

But, I have to say, at least if Golds means some people who wouldn’t do any exercise at all, get up and start moving … then I guess I’ll begrudgingly be all for it.

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