Ricky Williams, Pot for Pain in a Puritanical Nation

Ricky Williams is on permanent suspension from the NFL because he used Pot as a pain killer to help him get through games.  NFL players often need to be medicated to make it through their games, as the injuries of the past are constantly haunting them.  But, apparently there is a deep double standard when it comes to WHICH drugs the NFL will let you use.

It is regular practice for an NFL player to receive mega-high doses of drugs of the legal variety, drugs that sometimes come with mega-high risks of side effects.  But, if you take Pot … You’re out.

The NFL is like the rest of America … Totally hypocritical. Alcohol and Legal drugs are FAR worse for your body physiologically than pot. In fact, according to most studies, pot is among the safest drugs available (especially when ingested rather than smoked). But, because our nations’ puritanical streak doesn’t allow us to see facts as they are, we are forced to live in a world where the emotions of the mob dictate our laws, and by extension, our lives.

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