116 year Old Man Reveals his Secret of Youth

The Ukraine harbors a fantastic piece of history in the body of a living man.  He’s Hryhoriy Nestor, a 116 year old man that has lived through the rule of both Poland of the Soviet Union.

But he says that life was sweetest back when the Ukraine was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, over a century ago, when he was a boy.

What’s his secret, his fountain of youth you ask?  According to him, it’s his diet of Milk, Cheese, Potatoes, and a bit of Vodka.

I’d say it’s his lifestyle of hard work.  He was a farmer who didn’t retire until he was 100 years old!  There is research to suggest that those who retire the earliest, die the earliest.  There is a lack of purpose to the persons life after that.  By staying active as long as he possibly could, Hryhoriy has beaten back the clock.

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