Fat Kid? Parents don’t see it.

From a recent article on BBC News:

Dr Dr Susan Jebb from the Human Nutrition Research unit at the MRC … said 80% of parents recognised that an unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity contributed to obesity.

“But people don’t necessarily realise that it applies to their child,” she said


“More than 40% of children over the age of six choose their evening meal on half of all occasions but they lack the skills to choose wisely.

“It’s not surprising that parents try to avoid conflict to make a pleasant atmosphere at home but it leads to a lack of exposure and familiarity with different foods.”

Parents are conditioned to think that THEIR kid is never the one with the problem.  But, when it comes to their child’s well being, there is no excuse.
There are a plethora of health problems associated with childhood obesity, including Premature Puberty, and excessive tiredness.

In the BBC article, they site the Government for not bringing the awareness to the public fast enough or with enough force.  But I think that is ridiculous.  Obesity has been a growing epidemic for quite some time, and the information on it’s ill effects are everywhere, being pushed in nearly every magazine and news paper, all over TV, and the radio.

This is not new information.  It’s like smoking.  People know full well that it is bad for them.  But they do it anyway.

Fine for them.  Adults are allowed to do whatever they want to themselves.  But, not to their kids.

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