Myths About Womens Weightlifting, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series I highlighted 3 major myths about womens weightlifting. The First was that lifting weights would make you bulky. Not true. The Second was that Women should use Machines, not Free weights. False. And the Third was that Girls should just do cardio, cause it’s better for your health. Again, not true.



Those were the 3 that I hear the most often. But, the ones below are out there, and are worth dispelling.



MYTH 3: Lifting Weights will make women infertile.


This one is wild, but I’ve heard it more than once. It probably stems from the Gymnastics world where girls are kept at such a low body fat level that they never reach puberty. If you are a post-pubescent girl, ultra low body fat is likely not your first problem.



In fact, weightlifting will contribute heavily to your overall health and well being. Research shows that physically active women are MORE fertile and have MUCH healthier children.






Myth 4: Girls should do High reps to “tone” their muscles.

Much more common than the last myth is this one. It’s become so ubiquitous with womens weight training programs that it seems like a scientific fact. But, it isn’t.



First of all, there is no such thing as “Toning” your muscles. Muscles can get stronger, weaker, bigger, or smaller. That’s it. “Tone” simply refers to the layer of fat covering the muscle. And while weightlifting with relatively heavy weights will pay big dividends on that front, high reps won’t.



Women are far better off in the 4 to 8 rep range, than the usual 12-20 and up BS that they usually do. When Dieting it is even more important to use lower rep ranges and heavier weights, because those ranges preserve muscle. If you diet and lift in the 20 rep range, you’ll lose muscle along with fat. And then when you’ve stopped dieting, you’ll get even fatter than you were to start out with.






Myth 5: Once you stop weightlifting, your muscles will turn into fat.

This is one I get from the guys too. And it’s absolutely ridiculous. Muscles and Fat are TOTALLY different in your body and there is NO research that comes even close to saying anything like “muscle turns to fat” or “fat turns to muscle”. The point is that you gain muscle, and then lose fat, or vise versa.



This myth probably comes from looking at ex high school football players. They were large muscular men in high school, and now that they’ve turned 50, they’re tubby. Of course, no one mentions how inactive they’ve been over the last 30 years.



Second, you shouldn’t ever be quiting lifting anyway. You should never be in a position where you are choosing not to exercise. If you get fat when you are inactive, it’s the inactivity that caused it.





There are an endless supply of myths concerning women and weight training. And I have only highlighted 6 of them. But, they are the most common. In time I’ll discuss more.



See Part 1








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