Atkins Wins Diet Battle, but Still Sucks

A large Government study pitted the Atkins diet, Zone, and the Ornish diet head to head and found that those on the Atkins diet lost more weight over the a 10 month period than those following the other diets.
How much?  10 pounds.

The study involved 311 women about 40 years old on average and was designed to measure the effectiveness of using a diet book to lose weight. Women were randomly assigned to read one of four diet books. They attended weekly classes for eight weeks where diet questions were addressed, but then were mostly on their own for the next 10 months. —LINDSEY TANNER
AP Medical Writer

That’s right.  A whole whopping 10 pounds over a 10 month period!  Ridiculous.  If I only got my clients those kinds of results, I’d lose my job!

The problem of course is that there was no solid exercise program.   And that most of the people didn’t follow the diets as written.  It was too hard to do on their own.

But the study isn’t a fair comparison because by the end, few women were following any of the diets very strictly, critics argue, although those in the Atkins group came the closest.

Fad diets are often seen by most people as the easier quick fix to exercise.  But, if this study shows anything, it’s that they are certainly not that.  There are no quick fixes that are easy.  If you want to lose a lot of fat, you have to work hard and be solid with your diet.  Period.

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