Healthy Snacks on the Go: Do they Really Exist?

Your busy, life keeps you running at full speed. That is the reality of Modern existence. Unfortunately, the speed of your life is having a direct impact on the speed of your metabolism, and your metabolism is getting SLOWER and your tummy is getting Bigger.



Fast lives mean less time. And less time means less time to prepare meals and snacks that are healthy and are going to further your fitness goals. Of course, there is some “no choice” element to meeting any goal. You are going to have to cook your weekly meals in advance, and carry those with you. But, there is a practicality issue at work here. Carrying around a giant cooler with you every where you go becomes cumbersome at the least, and down right insane at the worst.



Enter the Healthy Snack on the Go. It’s a mythical creature that tastes good, is good for you, portable, keeps well, and won’t break the bank. Does such a creature exist? Well … Almost. There are a number of choices there that come close, but few are perfect. Here’s are 5 to try out:



  1. Nuts and Dried Fruit: A few handfuls of nuts and a ¼ cup of raisins is not only relatively low calorie, but fantastic for you.

  2. Beef Jerky and a bag of cut veggies (like Carrots, Celery, Bell Pepper). Beef Jerky isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s low fat and high in protein.

  3. 1 oz Cheese and an Apple: Tasty, low calorie, and high in fiber.

  4. Protein Bars: Hmm … these are a toss up. They are by far the most convenient, but quality is mixed at best (see my post on Protein Bars)

  5. Protein Shakes: A good option if you use powder. It’s become very cheap and most are relatively tasty now (they sure didn’t use to be!). If you get the RTD (Ready To Drink) version it is even easier, but more expensive, though cheaper than a $5 bento.



For More Healthy Foods, see my Article Abs of Steel … Cut Oats, that is


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