The No Time No Problem Fitness Plan

No time? No Problem.

I often hear people complaining to me that the reason they never workout is because they have no time.  Well, now you have no excuse.

This isn’t exactly easy, but if you follow this plan for 6 weeks, and you’ll look better, you’ll be leaner, and you’ll be whole lot healthier.

The Plan:

You’ve got 2 Weight training workouts:  an “A” day, and a “B” day.

And will do these workouts 3 days a week, alternating the workouts back and forth on NON-consecutive days (like Mon, Wed, Fri).  So week 1, you’ll do A-B-A, then week 2 you’ll do B-A-B, etc.

On the 2 days inbetween your workouts you’ll do 15 min’s of interval training.

Here’s the weight training:


a1:  Front squats: (or Goblet Squats)  15 reps

rest 10 sec

a2:  chin-ups(or lat pulldowns):  15 reps

rest 10 sec

a3:  push-ups (or wall/knee push-ups):  15 reps

rest 10 sec

REPEAT for a total of 3 rounds.    If you can get all the reps, then go up in weight next time, if not, stay at the same weight until you can get ALL the reps in the desired time.

This should take a TOTAL of 5 min’s or so.


 a1:  Sumo Deadlift:  15 reps

rest 10 sec

a2:  Dips/or bench dips:  15 reps

rest 10 sec

a3:  Dumbell Swings:  15 reps

rest 10 sec

Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

TIP:  start with REALLY light weights on these.  I know that 5 min’s of exercise seems like a cake walk, but it isn’t.  Only resting 10 seconds is brutal.

Many women can start the front squats with NO weight at first and be just fine.  Then use a light dumbell and do Goblet Squats (the video shows them at the beginning).

For the Sumo deads you can start with a light dumbbell, then move up to the bar when you can.

Don’t push the weight unless you really can.  The point is to get the reps, and don’t rest too long.

Do this program, doing each workout 4 to 6 times, then switch to something else.


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  1. […] not that.  There are no quick fixes that are easy.  If you want to lose a lot of fat, you have to work hard and be solid with your diet.  […]


  2. Eric

    hi, great site! thanks for the info!


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