I’ve fallen and I CAN get up!

An elderly man takes a stroll in Datteln, Germany in this April 16, 2006 file photo. Older people who have long been physically active, and remain so, have better balance than less vigorous seniors, while those who pick up the exercise after retirement fare almost as well, French researchers report. REUTERS/Kirsten Neumann/Files

According to new research, seniors who stay active maintain balance and body control much better than their sedentary counterparts.  What I found interesting was this:

However, individuals who exercised in the past, but stopped after retirement, had balance control nearly as bad as those who had never been active, Dr. Philippe Perrin of the Universite Henri Poincare-Nancy, Villers-les-Nancy, and colleagues report.

In otherwords, it doesn’t matter if you were a star athlete in highschool, or college.  If you aren’t training now, you are no longer an athlete, and it will catch up with you.

Stay exercising and stay upright.


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