How to Lose Fat in 3 (simple) Steps


This comes from Keith Scott’s Blog:

  1. Diet– Change it. Eat six small meals a day. Eat your carbs early in the day, and keep them to a minimum as the day progresses. Eat protein for each meal if you can. Eat good fats throughout the day too (i.e. fish oil, olive oil.) Decrease calories slowly, not all at once and get some help figuring out how many you should have. (Many people UNDER eat and cannot lose fat because they shut their own metabolism down)
  2. Resistance Training – Get on a good, consistent resistance-training program, at least three times a week. Adding muscle is a great way to ramp up your metabolism and lose fat. In addition, resistance training will help melt fat off quicker than most forms of exercise.
  3. High Intensity Cardio– Start doing some high intensity cardio exercise at least three times a week.  Try HIIT training (you can read more about it in my blog…scroll down.) Remember, high intensity is relative depending on your fitness level. You do not have to have a “set” intensity; the intensity is relative to your own fitness levels. This means that almost anyone can do high intensity cardio training. It is the best way to burn fat long term, throughout the day.



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