Interval Training as big as K-Fed?

A recent article in the LA times states that Interval Training is on the rise.  I don’t buy it.

OK, OK, the shear fact that there was an article on it in the LA times does bode well, but I work in the industry, and I ain’t seeing it.  It’s not on Opera, or GoodMorning America.  And everywhere I look, I see fat people.

If it was REALLY popular, like K-Fed popular, then we’d have a far fitter nation.

And yet, there is an interest.  When I tell someone that 10-15 mins of intervals 3 to 4 days a week beats out an hour of “heart zone” cardio 6 days a week, they can’t help but be interested.  But, it’s hard to believe, until you try it.

But, that brings up the second problem.  Steady state, heart-zone cardio can be fun and relatively relaxed.  You can read an article in Cosmo or People and carry on a conversation while you do it.

However if you do 15 min’s of intervals, you can’t read, you can’t talk, and you will likely feel like passing out.  In short, it’s HARD.  So, people don’t WANT to do it.  But it WORKS.

I hope that it really does become a more popular training method, our entire country would benefit.


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