Fat loss Gene loses weight

The same scientists who brought the Leptin fat-loss gene to the world, are now saying that it may not be a factor in obesity.

This time they took 300 people who had become obese at a very young age and tested them for the gene, but found that only 3% of their subjects had it. So that means that 9 people they researched had it.

But, to me, the take home message is that whether you have a gene for obesity or not, being fat is largely determined by lifestyle factors. It would not behoove those 9 people to just become morose, because of their genetic defect. They are still overweight, and that extra weight will impact their health in a number of ways we all know about.

If someone was born less inteligent than someone else, would you tell them that they shouldn’t bother going to college. Shouldn’t learn to read? Just accept it? OF course not. You’d encourage them to work harder.

Leanness is largely a function of exercise habits and a good diet. And the sooner we accept it the better, not only for our body-shape, but much more importantly, our health.

Everyone (who isn’t paralyzed or has some similar malady) can be lean. Period.


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