7-Reasons Why I love Loprinzi’s Gym


7 Reasons Why I Love Loprinzi’s Gym



I train (both myself, and my clients) at Loprinzi’s gym, in SE Portland, OR. Here’s why:


  1. Bob Hill, the owner. He’s 59, looks 45. He runs 5 miles a day, and lifts 5 days a week. He competes as both a Powerlifter AND as a Marathon runner. And if you want advice he’s always there to give it. He’s truly an inspiration in the gym as to what vigorous exercise can do for you LONG TERM.

  2. The atmosphere is laid back. It isn’t sleek, nor is it packed with the latest fad-equipment. It’s even a bit rundown. But, It’s a “neighborhood gym,” which means it has a personality that reflects the neighborhood. And that doesn’t happen much in this modern world of corporate homogenized companies. We got hippies, jocks, Lesbians and Gay men, the affluent, and people so broke you wonder if they sleep in the sauna. We’re all there, and the freakiest thing is … we all get along (shock!).

  3. It’s “for real”. That is, there are 2 lifting platforms, plenty of chalk, a bolted down power-rack, and a competition bench. There’s 2-55lb Texas squat bars, and some old Eleiko bumpers. It’s a bit crammed, for sure, but we got what you need. There’s even an aerobics room upstairs where members get free aerobics and palates classes. So we aren’t totally living in the past. (see below).

  4. It has history. It was founded in the 30’s, and has the Globe dumbbells to prove it. There are signed pictures on the wall from virtually every big name in bodybuilding, and plenty of other strength athletes, including everyone from Tommy Kono to Gov. Jesse Ventura. In fact Ventura first broke 500 lb on the bench press while at Loprinzi’s. (for a wild story involving the gym and Jesse, check this out.)

  5. There are no Commercials over the intercom for new Membership deals, “If you sign up Today!”. Last time I was at 24-hour fitness (I HATE those places), that is exactly what happened. They were pumping an advertisement over the radio that said that if you signed up today, you’d get 25% off the membership price. Of course … everybody there was ALREADY a member. That just seemed cruel to me.

  6. You won’t get kicked out for doing a one-arm dumbbell snatch. Yes, it IS against the rules at 24-hour fitness.

  7. My Fiance wanted me to add that it isn’t a “meat market”. There aren’t 50 guys there just to check out the hot chicks on the treadmills.






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