Get Dirty

“If you’ve never had a messy kitchen, you’ve probably never had a home-cooked meal.”–Rabbi Irwin Kula.

Real life is inherently messy, and yet we live in a society obsessed with cleanliness and tidiness.  This is in-spite of the fact that the research suggests that those who are more successful, more intelligent, and better parents are by nature more messy, have more clutter in their closets, and more papers strewn on their desks.

I don’t mean “hobo” messy, but I do mean SEEMINGLY disorganized.  Think of Einstein.  For that matter, think of ANY Genius of renown.     The above picture is of Francis Bacon’s Studio.  He is without doubt one of the greatest Painters of the 20th Century and his place of creation is anything but tidy.

Part of what it means to be healthy, is accepting life as it is.  Try to Control ONLY those things that are controllable, no more.  Any attempt to do so will only lead to failure, and failure causes undue stress.  Stress causes Cancer, Heart Disease, and a whole myriad of other problems.

So get in the kitchen, make a mess, and have a good meal.  Your heart and mind will thank you.


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