Sumo Health DVD

Apparently, there’s a new Fitness DVD on the market … A sumo fitness DVD. Now, I love Sumo. And I’m a Fitness Trainer. So, the idea certainly peeks my interest. Here’s the article from the Gaurdian.

If I can find a copy in English, I’ll buy it. I’ve always felt that Sumo is a far underrated Sport in the west. And the modern training techniques are far underrated in Sumo.

I think the marraige of Western Weightlifting, modern sports science, and traditional Sumo technique would make for a tremendous Sumo Wrestler. It would be interesting to see their take on using traditional Sumo to help the average person gain a fitness edge.

“For their size, many wrestlers have a low fat ratio. They’re professional athletes, after all,” said Hideki Yazaki, of the Japan Sumo Association, and added that the exercises are “fun, so we hope parents can get kids to do them instead of playing computer games all day.”

Amen Brother. Amen.


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