Keep your Colon Clean

Now, I eat pretty badly. I’m on the SNIKTA diet, which is the Atkins diet in reverse: 100% carbs. Three bowls of sugared cereal for breakfast, cookies for lunch, and a hoagie roll for dinner. You know what’s the bread of life? Bread. That’s why they call it that. So if anyone’s colon needed cleansing, it was mine. And possibly James Lipton’s. I’ll bet that guy’s butt has seen more action than a Korean bathhouse.–John Hargrave

Bread is good.  Cookies are good.  I love Captain Crunch cereal … it’s my Favorite cereal of all time!  But, I love my health more.

Learning limits, and how to restructure your life is the hardest part of any diet.   A good plan that works for most of my clients is a strict 6 days per week, with one cheat day (eg. Sunday).  On that cheat day you can eat ANYTHING you want.  Pig out.  Eat like James Lipton.


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