Breaking a Mental Sweat … keeps you young.

Reuters recently had a report that involved older people in a 5 year study. 5 years ago, a number of them were given 10-18 hours of “brain training” where they were taught memory skills, etc.

5 years later, the group that received the training showed a marked difference in cognitive capacity over the control group.

Imagine if they trained everyday!

When I decided to go back to school, I chose to be a Mathematics Major for that very reason. It is the hardest thing out there for your brain.  I’m by no means fantastic, but along with it just being fun, I hope it will have a payoff in the future, as many in my family have suffered from alzheimer’s.

In the gym, we squat, deadlift, clean and Snatch …. all hard as can be. Our brain deserves the same brutality.

I article suggested Sudoku. Not bad, I’d include Crosswords, Chess, Scrabble, and If you’re really interested in taking your brain to a new level, check this site out.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I once read a similar article. It also recommended suduko, but added those others as well as Boggle and Word Scambles. It mention that it will also lead to sharpness as you get older as well,


  2. Amen. there is no substitute for hard play.


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