QOTD-Chad Waterbury

If you can’t touch your fingers together with the over-under test (top), I want you to immediately stop all upper body training … Yes, that’s right, all upper body training.

–Chad Waterbury

What he’s worried about here is further damage to your shoulder complex. And he’s right. I know that hurts to hear … especially for you men.

He advises a couple of exercises to cure you, along with daily attemps at the stretch above.

DB (dumbbell) external rotation,


the Push-Up Plus (see my post on this here)

I fully agree.

In fact with most clients, I don’t allow them to do ANY upper body work until they’ve gone through a few weeks of doing the Push-Up Plus, and Wide Grip Pull Ups.

Once a person can do a couple sets of 20 for each, then it’s time for weights. But, I still have them do them as a warm up.


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